Web Designers Why Do I Need One?

Web Designers

Web Designers are the guys who creates the whole look and feel of your website. We’ve built some pretty looking sites, and we’ve built some ugly ones. Ultimately it is the customer’s call as to what the website will really look like. Overall, the ugly sites we’ve built are because the customer was adamant about using their own designs instead of hiring us to design the sites for them. You can call your cousin Trudy who claims to know some web design and have us build it. However, if you want a professional web site that looks and more importantly performs like it should, hire someone who knows how to make this happen.

Web designers actually build the website, creating the pages and navigation. They may design their own graphics and layout for the site or work from a design concept created by a graphic designer. A web designer should have a thorough understanding of the basic web programming languages, web standards and usability.

Hiring a professional web designer instead of going with an amateur will save you a lot of valuable time, energy, and frustration. There is a large spectrum of skills that are necessary to make effective websites and there are many aspects to web development far beyond learning the basics such as HTML. A professional web designer is not only skilled in design but also remains in the loop in several important areas, including marketing, communication, HTML, CSS, photo optimization, search engine optimization, JavaScript, and possibly several other languages like Flash, PHP, and others.

Only once you feel confident that your idea will help serve your goal should you hire a web designer to help you put the plan into action.  Many times, a web designer wears both hats, but it’s important not to jump straight into what the site will look like before you’ve talked about what you want your web presence to do.

In our experience, the most successful projects are those which implement the above tips. They are not only more efficient (thereby saving money), but also encourage a type of communication that benefits the end result.  Make sure you’re leveraging your web team to the best of your and their ability… they’re there to design solutions that make you and your project a success – if you’ll let them.

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