Magento Development

Magento Development

Magento ecommerce development experts since 2007.

Now pick the right team

We won’t just build you an eCommerce store. We’ll build you a sustainable business with support from start to finish.

We are Web Gurus
As a full-service Magento development company, we understand the balance between the aesthetics of design, the functionality of code, and mechanics of SEO optimization. At Supreme Solutions, you’re not working with just a web designer, or just a web developer, or just a web marketer. You’re working with a team of all of them.

We’re also Conversion Gurus
Our same sales team and project managers that have worked for the face of our brand, will work for you. We know the process of finding a target audience, refining it to a niche market, and optimizing aspects of the web to cater to our goals.
12 years of service
With our work, we’ve also established wholesale partnerships with web design firms that trust us to build Magento stores for clients under their brand.

You and your customers can shop safely with our level of server security. We configure every store and server to be:

  • Equipped with an updated security certificate
  • PCI-DSS compliant to keep your customer’s payment data secure
  • Supported by a daily data backup repository so that you will never lose your store data

We manage our projects with Basecamp, an online organizational tool in which our client’s team is invited to collaborate with our team on tasks, deadlines, and project ideas. Basecamp boasts:

Threads of messages with subscribers
Meaning we’ll no longer have a “lost e-mail” excuse if you send us inquiries over Basecamp threads. Discussions are facilitated by sending notifications to relevant parties every time a new message is posted.

To-Do Lists
In which specific duties and their deadlines can be assigned to any member to ensure that we’re all on task and on time. You’ll be aware of our daily progress as to-do’s become marked as completed.

Writeboards and file uploaders
Sharing ideas is easy with a central place for sketches and shared drafts.

Drive conversions with custom Magento templates that impress viewers with a branded web 2.0 look and advanced javascript functionality. Our Magento developers build intelligent UI’s (user interface) that efficiently convert sales by presenting polished product details and minimizing distractions. Our custom Magento themes are developed collaboratively through extensive reviews and feedback with our clients, and we won’t begin splicing and dicing until you are ecstatic with our design comps.

No Dreamweaver gigs or bloated code here. Our Magento programmers develop our code by hand, lovingly, so you can enjoy:

Greater usability
Clean, optimized code enable sites to load quickly without frustrating your users with broken links or other HTTP errors.

Cross-browser compatibility
Our valid XHMTL and modern CSS stylesheets render your site properly across all PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.

SEO-friendly development
Our W3C compliant code abides by 100+ standard W3C specifications to ensure that search engines can easily parse the code that ranks your website.

From our first consultation, we educate our clients on the best options available for their project needs. Our training doesn’t stop until you know how to manage your own store to avoid relying on expensive, contractual web masters. Some of our tutorials cover:

  • How to upload products into your store
  • How to use Magento’s built-in SEO
  • How to manage your orders
  • How to make updates to each page (e.g. promotions, home page)

Each Magento developer goes through rounds of site-wide Quality Assurance checks and reviews to ensure that your store is properly up and running. We’ll process test orders to validate the transactions in your store and start your conversions.

Our Magento developers start a thorough installation process with:

  • Setting up your FTP & appropriate hosting servers
  • Configuring MySQL & PHP performance checks
  • Disabling symbolic links & robots during beta

Followed by everything from the administrative end of:

  • Formatting your sales invoices
  • Managing your shipping settings & payment methods

To everything else, like:

Magento themes, Magento extensions developed for your business.