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Supreme Solutions will animate your graphics and bring your website to life with our flash design services.

Our flash design services are literally eye-catching

Our eyes are naturally drawn to moving objects against a static background, so in our dual presentation of the same text in static format and in flash format, it’s common that you read our little flash banner first, even if it was non-intuitively placed after our static text.

What can you do with flash design?

Flash animation is great for effectively conveying critical information to your readers while impressing them with vivid colors and effects.

In small doses, such as the cub3r slider featured on our homepage, flash design can liven up a formerly static, dull webpage and give your business a modern, web 2.0 look.

In larger doses, such as building your website on an entire flash framework, all of your content becomes polished and dynamic, and enhanced by visual elements and interactions that are excellent for portfolio-based sites (e.g. for photographers showcasing their albums).

Our flash developers are also experienced in creating:
Flash videos
Interactive flash mall directory
Flash restaurant menu
Flash banners and ads
Flash navigation
Flash surveys

Our flash design services are creative outlets for your business’s personality to shine through. Our flash animations can incorporate visual patterns, interactive effects, and audio elements –the only limit is your imagination.

Supreme Solutions is a full-service web development company

which means that we have all of the resources ready from every web element–from graphic design to marketing–to devote to your project.

Even if you’ve only asked our flash developers to jump on your project, you’ll receive insight from our SEO gurus, user-interface designers, and the rest of our talent pool as a benefit of working with a business that stands as a team.

The Supreme Solutions Benefit

Orange County Flash Design Services

Our professional flash developers are Maya, 3D studio max, and Adobe Flash experts who create custom actionscript, animation capabilities, and even 3d graphics that are unique to your business.

On top of that, our team provides:

Copies of all source code and construction files

Some companies retain these, meaning any future edits or updates will result in rebuilding the flash from scratch.

SEO advice on flash

Our SEO analysts also work with you to ensure your website is still text-centric and search engine friendly.

Creative consulting

If you’re unsure of where to start, our graphic artists have plenty of ideas.

Flash design to Html 5 for compatibility on all devices.