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Organic SEO

Organic SEO builds natural page authority, which increases your ranking within search engine results


PPC Advertising allows websites to pay for a priority position on the search engine results page

Organic SEO better?

Organic SEO  has proven to bring more conversions than PPC advertising

Organic Search Engine Optimization is one of the 2 most popular types of SEO services, the other being Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Organic SEO builds natural page authority, which increases your ranking within search engine results. PPC Advertising allows websites to pay for a priority position on the search engine results page, but in an isolated area marked as the “sponsored” section to indicate that the links were paid for and non-organic.

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The difference: While PPC Advertising is the solution for acquiring immediate traffic within a short time and smaller budget, organic SEO is known for higher conversion rates and longer-lasting results.

No Risk of Blacklist

Organic SEO is a completely white hat (legal and approved) method of website marketing. Black hat SEO, on the other hand, employs illegal tactics (such as paying for links on other sites but treating them as unpaid, organic links) which will sandbox or omit your website from search engine rankings if the search engines catch onto suspicious behavior.

17% More Conversions

Studies have shown that because most searchers trust organic results as unbiased, they already assume the organic results are more legitimately useful than the sponsored results, and will be more interested in clicking on the organic result.

Results that Last

PPC campaigns end once you stop paying for them. With our organic SEO services, the links, content, and other web elements we create will be yours forever, to continually accumulate and add value to your website.

Machine Friendly. People Friendly.

SEO campaigns that go overboard in keyword stuffing or massive link hoarding try to overly optimize for search engines, but end up becoming spammy and overwhelming for actual users, which deters them from converting or enjoying the website. Organic SEO focuses on methods that are “natural” in that in makes sense to human users, therefore making the website both SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

Organic SEO Doesn’t Have to Be a Mysterious Formula That Most SEO Companies Make Them Out to Be
Here’s some organic SEO tips you can start using right now for your website, starting with on-page optimization:
Define all meta-title, meta-description, and meta-keywords.
Target reasonably competitive and relevant keywords – if you aren’t getting traffic or conversions for the keywords you already have, try optimizing for alternative keywords.
Rewrite canonical URLs so that they redirect to the same page, especially for the homepage.
Disable session ids because they will split your ranking authority across differentiated links.
Optimize image file names with the keywords you are targeting.
Optimize the domain name with any keywords you want to target; although this isn’t as common, it will give your website extra ranking value for the keyword.

If You’re Ready For the Next Level of Organic SEO Marketing, contact us about our Orange County Organic SEO Services

Our organic SEO services will start with an on-page optimization analysis. We’ll evaluate your keyword density and make improvements on your keyword selection and keyword placement.

We’ll then design a campaign based on your website’s position, competition, and goals, and bolster your SEO with organic content creation, which includes a powerful array of:

  • Article writing, blog writing, and press releases
  • Search engine and directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Backlink building

Because you’re working with a full team of SEO professionals, we’re able to prescribe a custom SEO campaign that will balance all of your organic SEO, PPC advertising, and the most relevant marketing methods for your business, all in one roof.

We’ll make sure that each component of our organic SEO service works coherently to effectively build more page authority for your website.

Organic SEO Consultants. Organic search engine optimization done right.