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Google Analytics is only one of the Web Analytics tools we use

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Our web analytics services is based on industry-revered tools such as Google Analytics, SEOMoz, and KISSMetrics—powerful tools that we use on our own website to keep it optimized and keep us in business for over 10 years.

Our web analytic services report information on:

Where your visitors are being referred from – so you can further invest on the external links, keywords, or ads that are bringing you traffic, and stop wasting money on the ones that don’t.

What pages visitors check out the most and how much time they spend on it  – indicating what pages are of greater interest to viewers, and how engaging each page is.

Bounce rates – if a visitor never reached a conversion, you’ll see where they left from and discover a potential pattern of pages on your website that may be turning off your visitors.

Conversions – analyzed in ratios or raw statistics, you’ll know exactly how many visitors are converting or not converting, and what path they took to close that deal
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The science of closing a deal: part salesmanship, part knowing your clients.

The archetypal car salesman has a persistent persona of being aggressive and charming; but without knowing a customer’s budget and buying criteria, he won’t be able to speak to their priorities to sell the car.

In web conversion terms, the salesmanship can be covered by any impressive web element that really “wow’s” the visitor. You probably already have an engaging web design, informative content, or a professional customer support team to generate leads.

So how can you find out more information about your potential customers?
Our web analytics services will track detailed information on your visitors, so you can optimize your website for better CONVERSIONS when you can understand their behavior and what they want from your website.

With tracking information mirroring the kind of files credit bureaus keep on us, it sounds like such powerful information needs to be harvested by powerful tools – and they are.

There are a variety of powerful web analytic tools available, and whether you run an e-Commerce store or newsletter blog, we’ll configure the ones that are best suited for your sales pitch and goals AND teach you how to use them.

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Our web analytics consultants use:

Google Analytics to track the most accurate and up-to-date information on our visitors’ organic searches to evaluate the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns and keyword optimization. We also use them to create funnels and trigger points across our website to document and learn from our visitors’ conversion patterns.

SEOMoz to compare backlinks with our competitors and track our weekly ranking progress.

KISSMetrics to follow and learn from each visitor’s different path, including the first time they visit our site, and if they return later, even in a different browser, to convert or find out more about our company.

The Supreme Solutions Benefit

Orange County SEO Website Traffic Analysis

Our website traffic analysis is SEO with quantifiable results. We are a web analytics company that will provide:

Analytics installation that is optimized for your platform.
Goals and funnel path setup, to jumpstart your conversion tracking.
SEO website traffic analysis reports at a frequency you set (from daily to monthly).
Advanced SEO consulting and suggestions on the next step: options for PCC and organic campaigns.
Additional web analytic consultants to review your progress and change the navigation or cosmetics of the user interface with our graphics and marketing team.

Google Analytics and other subscription tools help us optimize your website.