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Keyword research and competitive analysis services.

Taking a wrong turn in a new city and later realizing you are 20 miles further away from your destination is like optimizing your webpage with the wrong keywords.

SEO Keyword Research Orange County

It’s a complete waste of time and resources, yet surprisingly common to make a mistake of.

Selecting the right keywords for your website is the first and most important step in setting up your SEO plan of attack.

If the keywords you originally optimized for your website are failing to drive you any traffic or conversions, then you’ve chosen for the wrong keywords. All the SEO work that was done would have been done in vain, and you’ll have to restart the extensive process of SEO link-building and on-page optimization with a new set of keywords.

Given the stakes, it’s imperative that you receive professional SEO services from a proven SEO company to ensure that your SEO services are done correctly from the start.

Take it from the company who sits at #1 on Google for “Orange County Magento”, Magento being the eCommerce service that we specialize in. Your SEO campaigns will only be as good as your keyword research.

Professional SEO keyword researchers will understand:

Keyword density formulas

How to maximize optimization and minimize getting blacklisted from search engines.

Competition and competitors

Professional SEO keyword researchers need to have the experience to gauge the authority of your website and how it can positively compete with other websites around its level.

Long tail vs short tail keywords

and when you should use one or the other – Long tail keywords are great for a niche and new companies, while short tail keywords are good for companies with strong page authority; the difference is in the competition.

Non-professional SEO keyword researchers often make the mistake of:

Misunderstanding KEI

The Keyword Effectiveness Index is a good indicator for finding useful keywords. It’s based on a little bit of a complicated formula that factors in the amount of searches conducted and competition present during a given period of time.

Using inaccurate metrics

There are plenty of keyword tracking tools that spit out inaccurate or outdated analytics. As a business, Supreme Solutions has the resources to invest in powerful and reputable mechanics.

Lacking the intuition to assume the average viewer’s state of mind

There are common phrases, keywords, and tendencies that average searchers exhibit when typing in a search phrase and keyword researchers need to know what these are to target a greater population of searchers

There’s a lot to worry about with SEO keyword research, but you won’t have to worry about any of that with us.

The Supreme Solutions Benefit:

Orange County Professional SEO Services

  On top of our SEO encyclopedic understanding of long tails vs. short tails, various keyword researching tools, degrees of competiveness, searching intuition, keyword density and KEI formulas, the Supreme Solutions team ensures that our SEO keyword services go above and beyond with:

Extensive keyword research

Covering your industry and niche across multiple resources

Detailed reporting

on what we’ve done, with validation of our work

Competition analysis

to show where you’re standing and exactly what your competitors are doing

On-page optimization suggestions

such as header and title tag formation

SEO Keyword research and competitive analysis