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Blogging can be 54,000% profitable.

Just ask Mario Lavandeira, author of PerezHilton.com – who started blogging as a hobby and now charges $54,000 for ad space on his notorious celebrity-based gossip blog. Though not everyone plans to be as publicly uncensored and ruthless as “Perez” to gain viral attention, blogging remains as a great promotional platform for businesses and individuals alike.

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Blogging Benefits

push out organic content

Blogs are THE easiest way to frequently push out organic content to your website. These updates improve your website’s SEO authority by demonstrating that you are a live and active website to search engines.

build great relationships

Businesses build great relationships with their users by blogging about new products or company updates, giveaways, or tutorials/useful information that their users can discuss and engage in through a blog’s comment system.

promote your own brand

If you’re an artist or individual looking to promote your own brand or opinions, blogs were made for you as a personal outlet in which you can publish quotes, photos, videos, and everything else you want to share with the world.

Writing a blog should be simple, quick, and easy - as should the setup also be.

That’s where we come in

It’s intimidating to get started with tons of blog engines to choose from, so it’s imperative that an experienced development team like Supreme Solutions is with you for quick blog setup services.

Benefits to working with us:

Supreme Solutions + WordPress Blog

Supreme Solutions will set up your WordPress platform with apersonalized domain name and web host
A quick WordPress installation is coupled with a custom WordPress theme using CSS, javascript, and whatever else you ask for
You’ll load up on special plugins & features with our custom WordPress programming
Access to the rest of our team’s talents; our complimentary SEO & marketing campaigns promote your blog & attract more readers
Our live WordPress support team is always available for troubleshooting
ability to develop custom wordpress themes, unlike Posterous
advanced text editor to texturize typography with quote marks, links, and bold typefaces
easy importing from other blogs like Blogger & Movable Type
supports multiple authors
open source, unlike Tumblr & Posterous, so the software is freely customizable and constantly developed on by the open source community
password protected posts

But there’s more!

WordPress is the industry standard for blogs because of its award winning-CMS, which you won’t find in Tumblr or Posterous.

Supreme Solutions provides 1-on-1 WordPress training and tutorials on using your WordPress as a Content Management System

Build Pages

Build pages and create more than just a blog; our entire display website is made of WordPress pages that all follow our custom theme. Other blog engines aren’t yet sophisticated enough to support a full-fledged, customizable display site on top of a blog.

Over 10,000 plugins

Over 10,000 plugins are available on WordPress to integrate with your blog and do whatever you need your website to do. You can add an e-Commerce feature to sell products on your WordPress, add analytics to view all your data and traffic on the CMS dashboard, or ask us to develop other custom plugins for things that you need but aren’t in the WordPress Plugin Directory yet.

No contracts

Don’t spend another dime on maintenance contracts, not even for us. The WordPress CMS gives you full control over editing all the content and stylizations of your website, so your web master no longer has control over you and your wallet.

WordPress themes, custom WordPress websites.