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Dynamic Database driven websites created here.

Do you have the next big Facebook or Google idea?

Supreme Solutions will provide all of the technical infrastructure to make your online database website happen.

Database websites are a type of dynamic website that store tiers of information and present them according to the viewers’ needs. Popular businesses that run database-driven websites are: Angie’s List, CNN, eHarmony, Facebook, and Google.

How does a database website work?

A dynamic website differs from a static website in that the content changes and reloads depending on what each user clicks, or if the site owner has updated it with new changes.
Though CNN and eHarmony specialize in different industries, what they have in common is a strong database of information stored on their servers.
Each time a webpage loads in a browser, the webpage grabs information from their database.
The communication between the webpage and the database is built by the database developer, who codes instructions in the server that makes the database render a certain webpage whenever a certain function happens on the client side.
The information in a database can change automatically, with the changes also reflected on the webpage, without humans manually making each change. This function is best shown in banking sites, which are able to deliver constantly updated information in a timely fashion regarding millions of users’ finances.
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Do you need a database website?

Our server side programmers build reliable PHP and MySQL databases to make sure that your dynamic and confidential information is handled securely and efficiently.

Whether you are thinking of building a:

Profile site logging images, descriptions, tags, and social interactions or an  online dating site.
Directory of information or user-submitted listings.
Financial website logging numbers, statistics, graphs, and sensitive payment information.
News website with live updates and archives.
Product or company website that allow users to register for warranties or complete forms.
Or any other kind of database-driven website or dynamic website.
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Database website development. Call our database developers.