Boring Websites – Helpful signs your website is boring

Is your website driving your prospects and visitors away? What can be wrong? It might be the design, or the content, perhaps the layout. If the design is good, the content is great, and the layout is in good standing, then well your website might just be… well… boring.

When it comes to evaluating our own website it gets challenging. Trying to find out what others are thinking is very uncertain. One approach is to see our website the way our visitors’ see it.

We at Supreme Solutions, Inc. love exploring and recommending ways to make your website more fun. Check out these signs to find out if your website is boring and learn how to correct them.

Where to Start

Take a look at your website, do it now. Act as if you were looking at your website for the first time and try to figure out what feelings your website evokes. Do you feel sad when you look at your site? Maybe you feel annoyed? Think about whether your feeling is negative or positive. Are you impressed? Take only 3 seconds to look at it while it loads. If your perception is negative or none at all, then your website is for sure boring.

What causes a boring website?

Lack of Images

Continue navigating through your website. Start reading the content. Have you found any visuals aids that reinforce your content or make it more appealing? Are you just scanning through big chunks of text? We tend to be very visual so do your visitors. Visuals and images are crucial in your website. Images not only illustrate your content, but also give a more esthetic layout or divide the text blocks in your pages. Not to mention videos that describe in more detail our services or products.

Now, if you have images and videos and visual aids such as infographics, what is the quality of your visuals? Are your images too small to indulge? Maybe your videos have poor quality. If you have few images, no videos, or these are poor quality, well then your visitors won’t stay. You have a boring website. But don’t you worry, it can be fixed. Stock images are a good starting point, but even with stock photos you need to be selective. This article from Conversational Receptionists provides guidance on how to pick more appealing stock photos Good vs Bad Stock Photos.

One landing page

Landing pages are a good start for new business but one page is not a long-term solution for your website. The limited content of a landing page will make your visitors find your website boring. A website should have 10 essential pages no matter the size of your business, according to copywriter Sussan Greene.

About Us
Products and Services
Portfolio or Gallery
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Lack of interaction

Navigate through your website again. Look for engaging content or some way for you to talk to your website. Did you find any? If not, well, there is no one to talk to, so your website is boring. Interactive applications are an excellent way to engage with your visitors and keep them longer in your website and gather data. The collected data can be used to improve your website and to make better business decisions. So, get ready to start interacting with your visitors. Loginradious, a marketing blog, provides 10 ways to increase the user interaction in your website. Implementing some of all the interactive tools will make your website more entertaining. Well, what if you cannot implement these yourself, then that is the easy part, let the Supreme Solutions team help you spice it up!

Engaging content
Call to Action (CTAs)
Turn off auto play videos
Pop Ups
Easy Navigation
Portfolio or Gallery
Share Buttons

Take Action

These are some of the signs that indicate your website is boring. However, the effectiveness of your website depends on more factors. If you find some or all of the indicators here in your website, then it is imperative you take action. It is simple, we provided you with some solutions and our team of experts will be glad to assist you further. It is worth it!

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