Throwback Showcase of Retro and Vintage Online Stores

Retro and vintage are becoming a new trend for a throwback in web design. Designers are applying “old-style” elements to online shops, portfolios, corporate design, and blogs in large and small scale. If implemented well, retro designs can be creative, appealing, make websites stand out and look very unique. Distinguished elements used to create a vintage atmosphere are never boring,
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Magento Extensions – Recommendations for Success

Magento is one of the best options for merchants to take their store online. Since its creation in 2007 it has become the largest player in the e-commerce industry. According to a report by Aheadworks in May 2015, Magento has 29.8% shares among the 30 most popular e-commerce popular platforms. Magento is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology.
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Website Design Inspiration

. Designing a website takes communication, first and foremost. We need to know more about what you want before we even start building your website, which is sometimes understandably difficult to put into words. So, as a reference, here’s a list of five things we need to know before even starting to design your Magento or WordPress web presence.