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Custom Web Programming Services

As a full-service web development company, we pride ourselves on making our clients happy by taking care of every unique, custom, or one-of-a-kind need, from start to finish.

Because each client we’ve worked with is different, we’ve received a variety of custom programming service requests.
Whether you’ve signed up for a WordPress web project, Magento web project, or any of our other web services, our web developers are available to add custom web programming—onto your current project or even as an aside—to any of your website needs.

Here are some examples of what our custom web programming company has done in the past:

Custom Magento Programming

Real-Time Inventory Sync

A client with both a brick & mortar store and an eCommerce store needed a way to keep his inventory consistent across both of his retail channels. We integrated a module that parsed inventory, price, and other product updates from his physical store’s point of sales program, to his Magento’s eCommerce database, and vice versa. The sync happened in real-time as product details were updated, and verified the status of products if an online customer checked out an item.

Zip Code Lookup

For a furniture retailer that offered local delivery services within a 75 mile radius, we built a zip code parser that prompted a user to enter their zip code upon placing their first item in the cart. If the zip code was a deliverable location, the delivery option was noted and the customer continued to shop without interference. If the zip code was an undeliverable location, the parser rendered a message informing the user that the items would instead be available for pick up at the store.

Custom Checkout

One merchant that offered various shipping methods depending on where the receiver was located needed something to first parse a customer’s location, and then calculate the shipping options available in that location, before presenting the different selectable shipping options on the checkout page. We built a shipping module that created layered customization for shipments of different locations and of different methods.

Custom WordPress Programming

Live Stock Updates

To help a company appeal to its investors, we extracted the company’s real-time stock data and converted it into a live HTML chart of stock gains and losses throughout the day, to be displayed right on their website.

Store Locator

We built a custom store locator for a client that wanted visitors to be able to search for company branches within a certain distance from an inputted zip code.

More From Our Orange County Custom Web Programming

Our custom web programming service was made available to complete the perfect web project for our clients when their business needs exceeded the web elements or functionalities that came in standard packages.

While our custom programming possibilities are literally endless, other service ideas include:

Client-side Integration Programming

Integrating websites or web applications into a client’s internal applications.

ERP Systems – Enterprise Resource Programs

We can tie Magento or any third-party application into other systems that manage internal resources, such as an employee database.

CRM Systems – Customer Relationship Managers

We can tap into existing informational systems and bring data sharing from one app into another.

Inventory/Product Integrations

We can link custom APIs to share data between two entirely separate systems. For example, we tied a drop shipping program’s API to the internal inventory API of eBay to allow a client to post items, bring orders in and out, and even talk back to the drop shippers seamlessly.

Custom web programming services should make sure you get everything you want in your web project.

With our web developers, there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

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