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Company Website Development

Nobody uses printed phone books anymore.

That’s all thanks to the internet and then Craigslist; in the same vein, traditional marketing paraphernalia such as magazine spreads and radio advertisements have been outdated by e-mail newsletter blasts and viral videos on YouTube. In this internet-oriented generation, your display website is your new business card to disseminate information to an even greater pool of prospects.

Company websites are the electronic version of the business card and brochure.

Company websites are set of webpages under your personalized domain name that usually function to describe a business (e.g., the “About Us” page), and inform viewers of your products, services, or mission. You’re viewing one now, our company website.


Our standard website development is also:


The cost of hiring developers like us to customize and setup your display website is a one-time, flat expense that could be worked within your budget. The maintenance costs to upkeep your domain and hosting thereafter, at an average of $100/year, is a fraction of the 365 days of daily overhead of any physical storefront.


If your website experiences an influx of visitors, you can accommodate the broadband usage increase overnight with $100 or less, as opposed to expanding the real estate of your store or hiring more receptionists to man your phonelines.


Checking out a website on a user’s own time is much easier than waiting to call or dropping by during business hours. Coupled with SEO campaigns, this convenience drives more traffic to your webpages and eventually leads to more conversions.

Business Website Individual

Business Informative

Many service-based businesses (e.g., dentistry, law firms) use display sites to introduce viewers to pictures or information about their business history and personality.
They also serve to inform viewers about services they can read up on prior to inquiring through the contact page, which also conveniently lists business hours, contact points, and a map for easy reference.

These display sites also often feature:

  • Testimonial sections
  • Appointment schedulers

… custom features are made possible by our display website programmers.

Product Showcase

Product-based businesses who don’t need a full eCommerce platform to manage actual orders may instead display a showcase of their product offerings to prospective retailers or wholesalers, who will research these products before they buy.

Business Website Setup
personal website setup

Individual / Personal

Company websites make great custom profile pages for groups or individuals that just want to promote their name or brand. Common examples include personal resumes that stand out with graphics, and artists that want to get the news out of upcoming tour dates and albums.

The Supreme Solutions Benefit:

Orange County Website Development

Custom web design themes to brand your online presence.

Custom web programming for extra features tailored to your business.

Flash animation replaced with HTML5 for cross device compatibility, while engaging your visitors with an interactive experience.

CMS platform integration such as WordPress to give you full administrative control over updating and editing your website without relying on costly maintenance fees with your web master.

WordPress websites for your business.