Retro and vintage are becoming a new trend for a throwback in web design. Designers are applying “old-style” elements to online shops, portfolios, corporate design, and blogs in large and small scale. If implemented well, retro designs can be creative, appealing, make websites stand out and look very unique. Distinguished elements used to create a vintage atmosphere are never boring, including common graphics from old posters, movies, newspapers, CDs, vinyls  and ads. Old cars, packaging, old-style typography, and old-style signs are often combined with a hand-drawing style, grunge style and even some try to incorporate a Renaissance look.

Vintage and retro evoke feelings and memories that have been essential part of our lives in the past. Are you considering a vintage look for your site? We picked some beautiful retro web designs to inspire you!


ROKIT: is a vintage clothing store stablished in London since 1986. Originally specialized in denim thrifted from American cowboys, Rokit outburst rapidly to be one of the favorite brands for celebrities, tourists, and regular customers. The collection includes pieces from the Thirties up to the Nineties and all the trends in between. The most attractive feature of the website is the search-by-era function. The website design perfectly merges modern trends with sliders, drop-down menus, shopping cart and social combined with the black and white, oranges and warm hues characteristic of vintage taste. If you are curious about the vintage designs, Rokit is a “verifiable treasure trove of vintage of retro gems.” – Marie Claire UK

Oliver Brewer Company

Oliver Brewer Company: has been stablished since 1993 as a brewing traditional craft beer in Baltimore. Voted as one of the 10 web designs of the month by Web Design Inspiration Website, Oliver Brewer is a vintage web design to impress! It combines new elements of movement and old typewriter printing style with orange and black hues. The use of old looking images and colored posters gives Oliver Brewer Company’s site an appealing and fun look. A very attractive feature of this site is its 360 degrees rotation of a 3 Lions Ale beer in the front page. It is fun to play around with the elegant black can displaying golden lion figures. There you have it! A perfect blend of elegance, simplicity, fun and functionality retro inspired site.

Mom & Popcorn

Mom & Pop Corn: has incorporated numerous vintage styles and design elements arranged in a way that it manifests the very core of this expose. Mom & Popcorn offers 51 delicious popcorn flavors starting from caramel to exotic wild flavors such as barbeque or dill pickle. The store is based in McKinney, TX. The clean layout, easy to navigate menu, and trendy functionalities make this website an awe-inspiring design to keep in mind!

These are just some basic vintage design examples our team picked to get you inspired. Hope this helps and if you are undecided about your web design for your Magento e-commerce platform or WordPress blog, our team at Supreme Solutions, Inc. will be happy to guide you further. Give us a call or shoot us a message.

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