September 2014


Web Design: Tips for Businesses

Web Design Web Design done well creates a First impression that  lasts. Whether your business is a tiny start-up that you’re running out of your garage or a listed Fortune 500 company, the nuances of web design always apply, and the importance of giving your prospective customers a modern, crisp experience is simply crucial. We’re still seeing huge corporations running

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Magento Install: Best Practices

Here are a few basic tips from Supreme Solutions, Inc. that we’ve laid out as a basis for our own Magento install and maintenance jobs that we thought would be helpful for prospective clients to keep in mind.


WordPress Plugins – Recommendations for Success

The WordPress Plugin repository contains more than 40,000 plugins to start with, so finding the best plugins can be a little daunting. We love discovering and suggesting new plugins to our WordPress user base and here are some of the best we’ve found.