Supreme Solutions Website Gets a New Life!

Designing a website is an ever-evolving process. Webmasters and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new techniques to enhance the web with new trends. Trends are tools for a web designer’s toolbox, who has to choose the optimal ones for the job.

Are you ready to give your website a new life? A good visual makeover is a great way to transform your old website into a more professional, user-friendly, and seamless one. Our Supreme Solutions’ team of web designers and developers gave new life to our website using the following trends:

Responsive Design

Our new website uses a responsive web design. A Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique for building websites to work well on all devices (desktops, tablets, and mobile phones). Most websites, blogs, magazines, and journals are upgrading to a responsive website. The advantages of a responsive design are not limited to the cost, which is cheaper, but are more user-friendly and reduce the page load time.  With responsive design, all sites have just one URL and same HTML across all devices; this makes Google search engine prefer responsive web designs for mobile configurations as stated in the official Google page under Mobile SEO configurations.

Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern”

Rich Animations

We added rich animations! A way to make your visitor’s experience more interactive is by using animations. However, animations should be used carefully and strategically to match your business personality and align to the flow of your site. As stated by the blog for Web Designers Awwwards some of the most popular animations for 2016 include:

Hoover background animations, tools and loading bars
Motion Animations
Animated load screens
Long form slideshows
Parallax schooling
Pup-up notifications
Navigation menus

Good Platform

The new Supreme Solutions website is built on a solid custom platform sporting a fresh design. Consider moving your website to a stable platform such as WordPress to ensure you have all the tools working correctly. WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes to revamp your site into whatever your imagination dictates. The results are endless.


Looking to spice up your business’ web presence?  Contact Supreme Solutions, Inc. today.

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