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Web Design

Web Design done well creates a First impression that  lasts. Whether your business is a tiny start-up that you’re running out of your garage or a listed Fortune 500 company, the nuances of web design always apply, and the importance of giving your prospective customers a modern, crisp experience is simply crucial. We’re still seeing huge corporations running websites that look like Geocities sites from 1996 (forgot what those look like? Check out Warner Bros’ website for the movie Space Jam, which they’ve kept up after all these years!) — and quite frankly, those are turn-offs.

For our usual Wednesday habit, we’re bringing you folks some free advice on how to make sure your corporate-facing websites don’t turn out to be the local town’s laughing stock.

  • Less is more – This is a mantra we’ve been setting for most of our newest designs. Flash animations and a million stock images per page might have been the rage ten years ago, but people are tired of the information overload. The more confident you are in your business or product, the less you should have to say about it.
  • Web Design across all screen sizes – Alright, so we’re guilty of going against this piece of advice (which is why we’ve been pounding away and revamping our own website in between clients), but take our advice: responsive design rules. 49% of all web traffic these days is from mobile devices, and you want to make sure people aren’t pinching in and out trying to find your website’s content.
  • Don’t let your developer design your website – And don’t let your designer develop your website. Should be self-explanatory.
  • Be concise, but precise – We’re a firm believer in “1 – 3 – 2” layouts: one big column of information, followed by three columns of links, and summarized by two columns of SEO text. You capture your audience with one big sales message, direct their attention to three possible sales entry points, and make sure the search engines get what they need to see, all in one page.
  • Optimize your keywords – It’s one thing to talk about how awesome your company is, but it’s another to make sure you can be found on the internet!

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