Magento: Why It’s Recommended


Magento commerce is the only platform for us.  In our fifteen years as a web design firm, we’ve run the gamut of eCommerce software for our clients. We cut our teeth on Miva Merchant, which was a natural fit, given our duality of existence as an IT firm, as most of the customers we managed were running all-Microsoft outfits.

Magento released their first public beta in 2007, we instantly fell in love with the platform and have been working with it almost exclusively ever since. So why do we recommend Magento to all our clients?

  • Magento It’s Open Source. Any developer worth his or her salt could probably hack together a Magento install and figure out how it works, as it uses a standard MVC (Model View Controller) framework. It takes years of practice to get good at Magento’s rather obtuse coding structure. Still, it’s always good for clients to have such an open platform as it reduces maintenance costs down the road.
  • Stable and Robust. Magento’s paid Enterprise Edition includes features which trickle down to the free Community Edition, the recommended platform we suggest for 90% of our clients.
  • No Monthly Fees. Apart from hosting, of course.
  • Easily Set up Multi-Stores. This is great for SEO purposes, as you can compete against yourself and open up multiple stores quite easily!
  • A Multitude of Extensions. We liken Magento’s Connect service to Apple’s App Store — if you can think of it, someone probably made an extension for it already!
  • Ease of Integration. Magento can talk to your accounting, inventory, and even CRM systems quite easily!

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